About Us

Perfect Calibration Centre Private Limited is known as PCCPL to its customers. And it was established in the year 2002. After traveling till date in the field of Calibration by acquiring almost all disciplines and parameters…… recently we have entered into the field of Testing.

The Perfect having its Registered Office in Chennai and the Branches established in South India at Bangalore, Coimbatore & Sriperumbhudur, and the Testing lab at Chennai @ Muggapair.

PCCPL having Calibration Facility At-Lab & On-Site Calibration for parameters covering Dimensional, Mechanical, Force, Torque, UTM, Hardness, Thermal, Electro-Technical, Optical, Vibration, Acceleration, Speed, Volumetric, Mass, Weights, Electronic-Balance, Flow (Air, Liquid and Gas) and so on.,

We even do have Mobile Van Calibration for the Parameters of Dimension Instruments and Torque Wrench Calibration directly at customer’s location at anytime and anywhere in India

Apart from Calibration, We even do Material Testing for all Metals for Mechanical, Metrological, and Chemical Testing. Apart from the above we even carry out Rockwell, Vickers, and Micro-Hardness Testing and Impact Testing Machine (Charpy, Izod tests), Universal Testing Machine (Tensile, Compression, Proof Stress, Bend/Tracers Bend Test, Shear test ), and so on.,

We conduct Training Program as per the requirement of the customer in the field of Dimensional, Mechanical, Thermal, Electro-Technical, Mass, Volume, Force, Hardness, Flow and also in Non –Destructive Testing (NDT) like Ultrasonic testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT), Liquid penetrating Testing(LPT) and so on.., Apart from this we conduct Internal Audit Training as per ISO/IEC : 17025:2017.

Some of the major specialization in Calibration are listed below:-
1) Dimensional Calibration up to 2000 mm
2) Mass: – 1mg to 20 Kg Weights Calibration
3) Volume: – 1µl to 20 litres Volumetric Calibration
4) Force:- Uni Axial Testing Machine 5N to 2000kN
5) Vibration & Acceleration :- Accelerometer Calibration 5Hz – 10kHz upto 30g and vibration machine/shakers.,
6) Mobile Van Calibration at Industry Premises Linear Measurement Up to 600mm and Torque up to 500 Nm
7) Torque:- Torque sensor/Transducer Calibration upto 1500 Nm
8) Torque:- Rotary Torque Tool /Impact Torque upto 100 Nm
9) Optical:- Lux meter Calibration upto 32000Lux
10) Gas Flow :- upto 500 slpm
11) Water Flow:- Upto 900m3/hr
12) Air Flow : -Upto 40m/s
13) Humidity Chamber : – 15 percent Rh to 95 percent Rh @ 25°C to 70°C (Mapping)
14) Temperature Calibration:- -95°C to 1200°C
15) Temperature Chamber:- -80°C to 200°C
16) Furnace Mapping : – upto 1200°C ( Temperature Uniformity Survey & System Accuracy Test ) As per AMS 2750F
17) Alternating Voltage & Direct Voltage :- Measurement Capability upto 50kV
18) Alternating Current & Direct Current:- Source & Measure upto 1000 Amps
19) Alternating Current :- Gauss meter upto 30,000 Gauss
20) Time & Frequency:- 0.1 Sec to 24 Hrs (Time) , 100 Counts to 90000 Counts (Counter)
21) Infrared / Thermal Imager / Pyrometer:- -25°C to 1200°C
22) Power/Energy Measurement

In conjunction with this, some of the key specialization areas in Testing extended by PCCPL are:-
1) Chemical & Elemental Analysis by Spectrometer in engineering metals like Ferrous Base with N2 for Carbon & Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Tool Steel etc and, Al, Ti, Zn, Cu and Ni Bases
2) Tensile, Shear, Bend, Compression Tests etc on Engineering Metals like Bars, Rods, Pipes, Welded Metals, Tmt Bars & Construction Materials
3) Micro Hardness Tester for Micro Vickers & Knoop Hardness Tests from 0.01 to 1 kg Loads & Transverse Hardness for Effective Case Depth
4) Vickers Hardness Tester : 1 -50 kg Load
5) Rockwell Hardness Tests on A,B,C Scales & Superficial Rockwell from 15-45N
6) Macroscope Analysis from 4X to 50X optical Zoom for Weld Penetration and bar/ fillets/ forging flows etc
7) Metallurgical Microscope from 50X to 1000X Optical Zoom for Phase Analysis, Case and coating layer depth analysis and decarburization Analysis, GC Iron and SG Iron Analysis, Porosity Analysis and Inclusion Rating etc
8) Impact Testing Machine: – Charpy 300J & Izod 160J @ Room & Sub-Zero Temperature


    Collection of Instruments and Equipment for calibration from the respective Industries and return the same within a time frame along with Calibration Report.


    PCCPL is accredited for On-Site Calibration for the parameters like : Mechanical, Thermal, Electro – Technical ,Flow, Vibration, Speed, Pressure & Vacuum, Electronic Balance, Force, Hardness and so on…,


    NABL Approved Mobile Van Calibration Facility to calibrate Dimensional Instruments and torque Wrenches at the customer location any time and anywhere in India. We are the first lab in India to get NABL Accredited Mobile Van Calibration.


    Extending technical consultancy services on the areas related to testing and calibration fields, calibration activities, inspection activities, waste reduction, etc., in addition, we source Procurement and supply of standard TMIs duly calibrated with National traceability.

From the Desk of S. Srinivasan, CMD, Perfect Calibration Centre Pvt Ltd.,


Dear Customer,

Perfect was established in the year 2002. We have branches at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hosur, and Sriperumbudur apart from Chennai. We even do have Mobile Calibration Van which is designed as per National / International Standard to calibrate the Dimensional instrument at customer end anywhere in India.

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic business scenario, it is our constant endeavor to keep pace with increasing accuracy regimes for our reference systems and capabilities in all spheres of our activities. The Calibration, Testing, and R & D facilities are continually upgraded, updated and expanded to ensure they are among the best in the Country. Regular Inter-comparison exercises, Validations, Stringent Quality Audits, skilled and trained manpower, and overall professionalism have contributed to our high levels of reputation and credibility.

We believe in the philosophy of giving back to industry our expertise and solutions. Our reputed and much sought after technical Training Programs, both standards, and customized training solutions are specifically designed to develop, enhance and equip the industry with the latest principles, technologies, and applications in the field of Calibration and Testing.

We the Directors, Management and staff of our lab take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your excellent co-operation in availing our Services and look forward the same in the coming years.

The company believes its market presence today because of their commitment towards the continual improvement of the Quality of Calibration Services provided. This is achieved mainly by upgrading Masters, providing adequate refresher training to update the skill of Calibration Engineers, and achieving total customer satisfaction by attending to even minor customer issues and using its feedback  to further improve on quality output.


(Chairman Cum Managing Director)



To show-case, to our customer, the best Method of Calibration, Servicing and Training with the State of Art and Technology which will be Pride to Our Customers.

To Provide Quality Calibration at Affordable Price. So that the best Calibration Practice will be available to every Industries of Our Country.

To treat the Customer with Dignity, Perfection, Compassion, and Integrity.



The Lab has potential experts, and trained personnel to extend services and assistance to its customers and prospective entrepreneurs who are going for NABL accreditation through services in implementing the Quality Management System as per the NABL norms and conditions. The services extend from the inception till the unit achieves its successful accreditation.