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Mechanical - Dimensional Metrology

Dimensional Metrology is the science of calibrating and using measuring equipment to determine the physical size or distance from an object. Inspection is a critical step in product development and quality control. Dimensional Metrology requires the use of a variety of physical scales to determine dimension, with the most accurate of these being laser interferometers and encoders. The realization of dimension using these accurate scale technologies is the end goal of dimensional metrologists.

Our Dimension Metrology Lab – Calibration Capability

Using the more accurate master equipment we can calibrate the Instruments and equipment as below

  • Bore Dial Gauge
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Cylindrical Measuring Pins
  • Dial / Digital Depth Vernier
  • Depth Micrometer
  • Dial / Digital Caliper
  • Dial Snap Gauge
  • Dial Thickness Gauge
  • External Micrometer – All Type
  • Feeler Gauge
  • Flush Pin Gauge
  • Height Gauge
  • Internal Micrometer
  • Lever Dial Gauge
  • Pistol Caliper
  • Plain Plug Gauge
  • With Gauge
  • Plunger Dial gauge
  • Setting Rod /Setting Pieces
  • Snap Gauge/ Gap Gauge
  • Standard Foils
  • Three Point Micrometer
  • V- Block